Agathe Auproux does not miss an opportunity on Instagram to share her tips with us! The one of the day: the pokemon phone case!

Agathe Auproux has a great community on Instagram! The beauty therefore does not miss an opportunity to share her tips with us… Today’s one: the pokemon phone case !

With no less 840,000 subscribers, Agathe does not hesitate to advise her subscribers and share her tips!

Before becoming the famous influencer she is today, Agathe Auproux has quite a career behind her. At MCETV, we tell you everything from A to Z.

Indeed, the beauty first did journalism studies at CFPJ. Thus, she was able to work at Inrockuptibles and on Canal +.

As Agathe is super gifted in what she does, she was very quickly spotted by C8. She has now been part of the famous TPMP team for 3 years!

Since that time, Agathe Auproux’s success has continued to grow. Indeed, the columnist has many subscribers who follow her on a daily basis !

Agathe Auproux aka the queen of good deals

As usual, Agathe Auproux does not miss us share tips and good addresses of all kinds : shopping, restaurant, bar …

We love it! Not you ?

Today, Agathe Auproux talks to us phone case as a story on Instagram. Don’t panic if you missed his storys, we’ll tell you everything!

She explains in a story ” I found the cases of my dreams, lol “. She adds an emoji with eyes full of stars and mentions the brand casetify.

4 stories on Instagram are therefore dedicated to the brand. Collaboration or real crush?

The beautiful shows us in any case very original phone cases. On the first, we thus find the shiny mew pokemon on a pink background! Too adorable !

The second shell shows the iconic Asian cat in miniature and the third has a colorful inscription: ” it’s never a bad idea to be kind“. We validate the quote anyway!

To conclude her sharing, Agathe Auproux post a survey for subscribers to vote for their favorite case!

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