07/23/2020 Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada and Luis Gasset are more in love than ever


Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada has become, this week, the protagonist of the program « Blood ties », which has honored the figure of the designer with a special in which we have discovered many things not only about her successful career, but also their way of life, their friendships and, of course, their romantic relationships.

The creator, present on the set, was talking with Boris Izaguirre about her relationship with Luis Gasset and confessing that she was living a « dreamed » moment next to the attractive businessman – whom she has defined as « tender » – when she took one of the surprises of his life. Without warning and when it was the last thing he imagined, the director of Ansorena has surprised Ágatha with a huge bouquet of roses, thus overcoming her shyness for love. And, how could it be otherwise, she is extremely excited by this unexpected surprise of which, without a doubt, has become one of its fundamental pillars. And it is that, romantic to the marrow, Luis has made his debut on television confessing to his girl before all Spain that he does « whatever it takes to see you smile. »

The couple, who have been dating for six months and are deeply in love, have raved about each other in their first joint television interview. Ágatha, without being able to hide her illusion, has revealed that Luis is « what I have always wanted ». « We have a more modern relationship and we meet to make plans together, » the designer has naturally assured. Her boyfriend, for his part, praised the vitality of the Catalan: « Ágatha is a person capable of doing a 25-hour day, an 8-day week and a 13-month year. »

Very complicit with the creative colorist and showing that his courtship is going through its best moment, the director of the auction house Ansorena has confessed that he wants to spend with Ágatha « the winter and also next summer. »

After the presence of Luis last week supporting Ágatha in his parade at the MBFW, the couple takes another step in their relationship and, showing that his is very, very serious, the businessman has starred in one of the moments more romantic than the designer could imagine. Now we explain the smile that the creator wears lately, who after the disappointments she suffered both with her divorce from Pedro J. Ramírez and with her failed courtship with Luis Miguel Rodríguez « El chatarrero », is living with Luis Gasset one of her best moments.