‘Agatha All Along’ reaches 1st place on iTunes

The song accompanies the reveal behind the character of Kathryn Hahn. Photo: Marvel Studios | Marvel studios

After the premiere of the most recent episode of “WandaVision”Last Friday, fans of the MCU They have not stopped referencing and humming « Agatha All Along« , A theme in which, at a rate that is very reminiscent of the television series of »The munsters”, It is revealed that Agnes, character played by Kathryn hahnit’s been all this time Agatha harkness, witch who has caused all the inconveniences of Wanda in your stay in Westview.

Today (Tuesday, February 22), the song officially arrived on iTunes and Sponify. After its arrival, fans of the series have not stopped listening to the point of flooding the playback charts, reaching the first place in the list of iTunes soundtracks, in addition to being number 16 in the general ranking of the platform.

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The creative responsibility behind the song falls on the married couple Robert lopez Y Kristen Anderson-Lopez, They have already managed to acquire the Oscar in the category of « Best Original Song”For two successful Disney productions: ‘Let It Go’ for“Frozen”In 2014 and ‘Remember Me’ for“Coconut”In 2017.

Both would share with the official Marvel portal some of their cultural inspirations for the creation of the song: “Agatha has her own musical theme which has a sense of ghostly and witchcraft almost like The munsters or Addams family”, He says Kristen.

The two also revealed that this is one of the few songs composed for the series that does not feature the voice of Kristen in the supporting choirs, since it would be the same Hahn who lent his voice for the main choir. “He also has a bit of that Oompa Loompas tenor style,” he says.

« We decided since we could do any decade with that, we should take a couple of hits on how the music of Agatha it should sound. But ultimately we decided that the most fun is to go with all the monsters, whose music we have already seen before ”.

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Despite the revelation about the character, some statements from Elizabeth olsen They have begun to present doubts among the fans if it is really the villain to beat, since the actress would ensure that it is the right person at this moment in the life of Wanda. There are still to be released in the series.