Against Monaco, Mbappé will have the right to special treatment

On the sidelines of the trip from Monaco to Paris, Niko Kovac said he had developed an anti-Mbappé plan.

After dazzling the whole of Europe with his hat-trick registered on the lawn of FC Barcelona, ​​last Tuesday, during the great success of Paris Saint Germain in the knockout stages of the Champions League (1-4), Kylian Mbappé will once again be eagerly awaited this weekend. Opposed to his old club theASM Sunday evening, at the end of the 26 day of L1, the boy from Bondy will have the right to special treatment.

“We must take care of him together”

“Kylian Mbappé is currently in very good shape,” Niko Kovac said at a press conference on Friday. We must try to stop it. But it is not possible to do it with one player. We cannot stop Mbappé one on one. It’s mission impossible. We must be united, we must take care of him together, but that can make other PSG players more free. We have to do a good physical and tactical job to compensate for that. “

“We also have arguments to make”

Aware of the immense task that awaits him at the Parc des Princes, the Monegasque coach however knows his ability to shake up the Parisians. “We also have arguments to make. I think we really have to fight, stay united and above all outperform, in order to bring something back from the Parc des Princes. If we take this game from the right end and manage to maintain a positive result over the minutes, that will give us opportunities to bring something back from this trip ”. Answer Sunday evening.

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