after waiting to get vaccinated man dies of COVID

DRAFTING. “I should have gotten the damn vaccine”, those were the last words he sent to his partner Micheal freedy before getting worse and dying from coronavirus.

“Micheal did not object to the vaccination“Said his fiancee Jessica DuPreez. Like many Americans who have yet to receive their coronavirus vaccinations, the 39-year-old father just wanted to wait and learn more about how people reacted to vaccines. “All we were doing was waiting a year,” he said. Jessica.

Three weeks ago, DuPreez and Freedy, along with their five children, left their home in Las Vegas to go on a trip to California. After the end of the holidays, his health began to decline to the point that he had to be transferred to a hospital.

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Not improving, he visited a emergency room early the following week, where they found out he had coronavirus. Freedy was warned by the doctors that it was best to isolate.

Micheal Freedy a man who had decided not to get vaccinated ends up in the ICU in Nevada.

DuPreez She said her fiancé was transferred to another hospital and then to an intensive care unit. However, it was only a matter of a week to be intubated and sedated. After two hours of being intubated, the doctors confirmed his death.

The death of “Big Mike”

After an irreversible loss, the mother of five children of Las Vegas gave interview after interview to spread the same message: “they must be vaccinated.” She said that Freedy came to the same conclusion early in the fight with the COVID-19 which took him to an intensive care unit in July.

“I should have gotten the damn vaccine,” he texted to DuPreez, according to an image she shared with media. Freedy, which appears on his phone as “My heart”, died leaving behind young children, including a 17-month-old. “My children no longer have a father because we doubt,” he said in CNN DuPreez.

The Delta variant of the coronavirus has brought a new urgency to nations’ vaccination efforts. And like a person who lost a loved one for COVID DuPreez leaves this message “people who doubt in the vaccines they should overcome their skepticism and apply the doses ”.

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