After victory against Chavez Jr., Chael Sonnen praises Anderson Silva for his performance

Anderson Silva’s victory against Julio César Chávez Jr. it continues to be the talk of mixed martial arts. Outside the organization after UFC Vegas 12, “Spider” agreed to face a former boxing champion, and beat him by split decision.

The event brought him praise from his greatest rival in his time in MMA, the American Chael Sonnen.


“I didn’t think Anderson was going to have a chance against a second-generation man from a family of boxers. I didn’t think Anderson would have a chance to go to the weigh-in. Then I thought: Chávez is a guy who is scared. Why would you ask to go to a sport that he never practices and you practice from the first day of birth and you ask him to lose weight? Unless you are afraid ”, explained Sonnen on your channel Youtube.

Entering the modality of boxing, a modality different from the MMA, Chael Sonnen valued the victory of Anderson. For the American, trying out in a different setting demands a lot of dedication outside of a modality where the Brazilian dominated for years.

“Generally, when a person gets older, slows down and is not at his peak, the last thing that guy is going to be good at is boxing. It is simply a very fast sport. It’s a lot about speed and time, and a lot about reflex ”, admitted.

Rival of Anderson since 2010, Sonnen He continued to praise his former former rival. “American Gangster” reinforced the age of the former champion of UFC and the hasty technique in front of a great one in the history of boxing.

“Anderson was fine, not to mention the numbers were against him, that’s an important number that was against him. We cannot forget that that idiot, Julio Chávez, did not give the weight ”, stressed.

Also, Sonnen criticized Chavez Jr., which had not seen action since last November. According to the former UFC and analyst of ESPN, defeat in front Anderson influences the future of the Aztec.

“I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror. I would be ashamed “, he concluded.

Two-time challenger to the middleweight belt of UFC, Sonnen had one of the greatest rivalries in the history of the organization. In the first fight in UFC 117 in August of 2010, the American came close to surprising the world, after dominating Silva for almost five rounds, but ended up being finished less than two minutes from the end of the bout.


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