After two years out, TJ Dillashaw sends message to the bantamweight division

Motivated in his return to the Octagon, TJ Dillashaw has only one goal on his mind: Regain the bantamweight belt that was once his.

In an interview with UFC, The former division champion expressed his desire to resume his reign and sent a message to the rest of the division.


“If you have nothing to prove in life, then you are not living. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fight or your day job, you need that push, that motivation. What I need is to prove that I am the best in the world. I want that belt back more than anything else. I never lost it and I will come back to get it back. Dad is at home”, declared Dillashaw.

The former bantamweight champion will have a great challenge on his return. In the main event at UFC Vegas 32, the American will face Cory Sandhagen, current number two in the ranking. At 35 years old, Dillashaw has a record of 16-4.


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