The company would be working on a mobile with an extendable screen, and would have already presented its first teaser.

He LG Wing It is one of the newest smartphones in recent times. The Korean company recently unveiled its new ‘T’ shaped smartphone, and it seems now explore a mobile with an extendable screen.

After officially announcing its new ‘T’ shaped phone, the Korean company has its hands on its next projects, with which it also wants dazzle users. At least that is what can be seen in the video of the LG Wing presentation event, which the manufacturer has uploaded to your official YouTube channel.

LG would be working on a new phone with an extendable screen.

Like the rest of the companies, the LG event took place online, due to the current situation in the world, and later this video was uploaded to the well-known platform. However, there is a small detail that you may have overlooked, since in this video you can see the first teaser of the company’s next smartphone.

The new thing from LG will be a mobile with an extendable screen, and it already has a teaser

Specifically, towards the last minutes of the video you can clearly see a teaser that shows part of the design of the next phone that the company plans to launch, and that stands out for having an extendable screen. A data that suggests that the company’s new device could be announced in the coming weeks.

At the moment there is hardly any information about this mobile phone with an extendable screen from LG, it is even unknown if it was shown in the video corresponds to a prototype or a real device. It only remains to wait for the firm to pronounce on it and shed some light on this mystery.

What is clear is that LG is looking for a way to differentiate itself from other manufacturers, and it seems that it has found the key point: design, and the more surprising it is, the better.

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