After the earthquake, Cynthia Klitbo feared her end and leaving her daughter

After the earthquake, Cynthia Klitbo feared her end and leaving her daughter | Instagram

Surely such a strong moment would make the actress Cynthia Klitbo experienced a great scare and one of her greatest fears was the native of Zacatecas, who shared one of the scariest moments that made her think of her only daughter.

A strong earthquake that occurred in Peru, a place where currently, Cynthia klitbo It is because of work reasons that made her live one of the most terrifying experiences, the feeling that the end could come and leave her daughter alone and without protection.

It was in an interview for the program “Venga la Alegría” where the “Mexican actress“He opened his heart and shared the story about the great scare that he experienced a few days ago, after he felt a strong earthquake.

A very strong tremor, that if it had been oscillatory and trepidatory, I don’t know if I would be counting it, because it was a 6-degree earthquake and I live in a 9-story building, so I did run, he said.

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The interpreter, who has embodied various characters on television and theater, shared that her greatest fear is having a tragic ending and leaving her daughter alone.

All these terminal illnesses, that my daughter came to see me destroyed, or drowned, or burned, or crushed or any kind of death that is not instantaneous scares me,

On the other hand, she said that she hopes that her end will still wait many years for her and if it comes, that it will be in a calm way as happened to her parents, however, she still has her daughter who still needs to grow up, she commented .

And well, I hope it happens to me like my parents, both died of heart attacks and had the death of the just, and another because I have a beautiful life that still needs to (grow).

“I don’t think it’s good to talk about exes”

As for his past and controversial relationship with the youtuber, called the “King Grupero”, the soap opera villain resisted giving a statement about him, who, shortly after his break with her, is already premiering romance.

I do not think it is good to talk about exes, because you are not elegant, never, I have nothing to say about it, because there is no talk of an ex-partner, the truth is that I am not aware of their networks or their things, he commented.

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Finally, Cynthia also said that despite everything she is open to love since she considers that you should not continue to suffer for someone “open the doors for the right person to come into your life,” she hinted.

In addition, I believe that part of maturity is to realize that love comes one, and another, and another, and while you waste time, save yourself and suffer, the less time you give the opportunity for perhaps the person who is the best to arrive. for you”.

What are you doing in Peru?

The actress packed her bags to travel to Peru to star in the comedy series Junta de Vecinos, in Inca land.

It was on November 6, 2020 when “La Klitbo” set out on the journey with everything. His daughter Elisa, his assistants, dogs and even some furniture, to set the new temporary home.

The one remembered for roles in telenovelas such as Teresa, “El Privilegio de amar, Cadenas de amargura, El dragon, among other productions, records the new telenovela and it was a few months ago that she would have reappeared to share how she was on Peruvian soil.

Fascinated by the food and places so full of history, the famous 54-year-old shared at that moment that her stay would last for five months, she said during the month of January.

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Unfortunately, she had to live a horrifying experience with one of the strong earthquakes that was registered recently “I almost fell the building on top” she revealed in dismay and pointed out “even her pet started crying”. That’s how it went:

In other words, what a fart, I have been fleeing the earthquakes in Mexico and the building almost fell on me right now. They don’t know what it feels like, I almost died. I mean they don’t know what it feels like. So wey, the earthquake we just experienced. My dog ​​is crying. How, that is, it is not worth it, it is not worth it ”, indicated Cynthia Klitbo.

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