His name is Anthony Loffredo, but wants to be nicknamed “Black Alien.” At 32, this Montpellier is a fan of extreme body modifications. On his Instagram account, public and followed by nearly 150,000 subscribers, Black Alien publishes photos of his transformations. The latest modification? Ring. The young man has recently had his nose, or more precisely the cartilage of his nose, removed. An operation he was able to carry out in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he lives and where the legislation concerning body modification is more flexible than in France. “Perceived as an art for some, this practice – which dates back to prehistoric times and remains present today in certain traditional societies”, reports Midi Libre, who met the French, Wednesday September 16, 2020. In France, this kind of practice is indeed prohibited. This metamorphosis takes place at the heart of an approach that he himself called “Black Alien Project Evolution.” The goal ? Test the limits of your body.

“I am the most fulfilled in the world”

Before having the cartilage of his nose removed, Anthony had already split his tongue in two, had subcutaneous implants placed on his skull, injected ink into the whites of his eyes, covered his skin with a tattoo and made remove his ears. On his Instagram account, Black Alien specifies that he is now only 16% of his physical transformation, which began seven years ago. During an interview with Midi Libre just before the confinement linked to the coronavirus crisis, the young man, who claims his freedom, agreed to say more about his project. “There are loads of reactions. People who are shocked, people who don’t understand ”, explains Anthony Loffredo. “I have never had any inner discomfort. I am the most fulfilled in the world. I have the chance to live the life I want, to do what I want physically. It’s absolute freedom, there is no one stopping me. I am very happy, I do what I want with my body. ”

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