O cruise released an open letter to club employees. The publication is a tribute to Labor Day, celebrated this Friday, May 1st.

Dalai Rocha is the acting president of Cruzeiro (Photo: Disclosure / Vinnicius Silva)

Photo: Gazeta Esportiva

Signed by the acting president, José Dalai Rocha, and the Cruzeiro Esporte Clube Management Council, the letter recognizes the effort of the people involved with the institution in this moment of the club’s recovery, hampered by the coronavirus crisis.

In the midst of the pandemic, the board announced, on the last 24, the suspension for 60 days part of the contract for Raposa employees, in an attempt to minimize economic impacts. Professional football has been paralyzed in the team since March 17th.

Check the letter in full:

On this Labor Day, we celebrate those who are our “shirts 10”: our employees!

The last few times have not been easy. After all the turmoil that 2019 has in store for us, on and off the pitch, 2020, the year of our Reconstruction, arrived with a worldwide crisis that we had not witnessed for a long time.

Even so, thanks to our brave and committed collaborators, Cruzeiro has not only remained on its feet, but is also reinvigorating itself, to become even stronger than it was.

Despite all the sorrows and pains we had to go through, including the unpleasantness of the “cut in the flesh” at the turn of the year, the institution continues to stop bleeding thanks to the commitment, competence and love of the shirt that our hundreds of employees continue to demonstrate on a daily basis, knowing our difficulties and our financial limitations, each playing in more than one position.

Today we can say that our employees, even in the face of all adverse scenarios, have once again had a gleam in their eyes and have resumed the pride of defending the institution. They are, little by little, putting this Giant back on track, paving an optimistic future that until recently seemed unimaginable.

May this very representative date help our 9 million passionate fans to know that today Cruzeiro Esporte Clube has a strong and loyal team outside the four lines. And these are the people who deserve our round of applause this May 1st.

May this family formed by all employees be increasingly united, strong and connected. After all, the five-star gear wouldn’t work without the sweat and love of each one.

Heavenly greetings!

José Dalai Rocha and Management Board of Cruzeiro Esporte Clube

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