After surgery on her tonsils, this young woman began to speak like Irish

Imagine that one morning you wake up, go into the shower and when you start singing as usual, you suddenly discover that you are doing it with Irish accent. And not because the song you sing is from The Cranberries, but because of a tonsil operation.

That was precisely what happened recently to a young Australian, whose story we can see in several publications of her Tik Tok account. Yours is a case of Foreign accent syndrome, a rare condition that has hardly been documented 100 cases in the world.

But the weird thing is that it usually occurs after a brain injury, not from a tonsil operation or any other type.

The young woman, called Angie mcyen, did not experience his accent change right out of the hospital. It was actually a few days later that he got up and, without speaking to anyone, went direct to the shower. She sensed that her speech changed as she sang, but she is no expert in accents, so she did not know where the one that suddenly seemed to have taken over her voice came from. It was friends and family who, upon listening to it, related it to the Irish accent.

Fortunately, shortly after, his usual way of speaking returned, so he thought that everything had been solved. But no, as he had a conversation his voice mutated until it returned to that curious Irish tone.

You have already made an appointment with a neurologist, to find out what could have happened in the tonsil operation for this effect to occur. At the moment, it seems a case of the curious foreign accent syndrome. But what is this exactly?

An unusual syndrome

Foreign accent syndrome usually occurs in people with lesions in the regions of the brain linked to speech. It doesn’t actually make an Englishman suddenly speak like a French or a Swedish like a Brazilian. Nor does it make people polyglots. If only. It is more about disturbances in the movements of the tongue or jaw, which generate in the listener the sensation of a change of accent. In fact, it is a case of pareidolia, like when we see animal shapes in clouds or scared faces in plugs.

Sometimes it’s something reversible, which subsides as the brain injury recovers. However, in the case of this girl it is not even clear how it happened. What could happen during the tonsil operation to cause this effect?

It will be necessary to wait for the pertinent tests to be carried out to find out. At the very least, it’s a comfort to know that you don’t have any other symptoms. It just seems at times like a foreigner in Australia. It is rare, but it is not serious.

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