After announcing his departure from UFC 249, following travel restrictions from Russia, due to the coronavirus, Khabib Nurmagomedov already thinks of a new date to face Tony Ferguson by the light belt.

In a live broadcast on his Instagram, this afternoon, the Russian was open to finalize the fight in the second half.

“I learned that the UFC wants to hold an event in San Francisco in August. Maybe in August this will all end. I also knew that they want to do an event in Abu Dhabi, in September ”said the champion.

Wednesday night, Khabib announced its decision not to participate in the April 18th after criticism from many fans, who eagerly awaited the fight with Ferguson.

Visibly affected, the Russian justified his decision again and also blamed the lack of communication from the UFC, which did not make it clear where the event was taking place, since NY veto any event in the state to avoid scheduling the coronavirus.

“I want to fight, but the UFC does not have a place. Europe, the United States, Asia. They never told the place. So how does this work? Fly where? That’s what happened. They don’t have a place ” he claimed Nurmagomedov.

The Russian also spoke again about the difficulties in international flights and the concern of contracting the coronavirus, who has been responsible for the death of 52,607 persons.

“All borders are closed. United States, Russia. Everyone is being advised to stay home for quarantine. What irritates me the most are the people who say I escape. How can I escape if the borders are closed? I don’t understand that “, concluded the Russian.

At the moment, UFC has confirmed the departure of Khabib of the billboard. This despite the fact that the champion confirmed that he did not participate. It only remains to hope that it will happen in the next days.