After duet of Christian Nodal, Belinda shines with “Mamacita”

After duet of Christian Nodal, Belinda shines with

After duet of Christian Nodal, Belinda shines with “Mamacita” | Instagram

The singer Belinda is premiering a new song after the controversial launch of the duet between Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar, the pop star turns on the networks by shaking to the rhythm of “Mamacita“.

The singer of Spanish origin, with several years living in Mexico, reacted to the controversial duet that she recently launched Christián Nodal in company of Angela Aguilar.

Now the beautiful Belinda Peregrín she shows off her great beauty and turns on the networks by showing herself dancing to the rhythm of “Mamacita”, her most recent collaboration with the singers Chino and Nacho and the Dutch electronic music duo Showtek.

The interpreter of songs such as “Love at first sight”, “Beautiful betrayal”, “Angel”, etc., expressed feeling very happy for its recent premiere, which she revealed had “reserved” and apparently found the best moment to share it with the fans.

This song that has been saved for a few months is finally released. It is for you with a lot of love, with Nacho with Showtek. It is a song with a lot of rhythm, to dance, to enjoy, to sing, to have fun, to laugh, “said Belinda.

Unfortunately, the song does not yet have an official video, but you can already listen to it through digital platforms.

Meanwhile, the music star did not leave his fans without giving them a taste of the subject with everything and dance, in which he appears accompanied by two of his makeup artists Ale Maya and Roddo González.

After this new material was released, many have pointed out that it would be an obvious response to all the controversy that the duet unleashed by her boyfriend Christian Nodal who premiered “Tell Me How Do You Want” next to the daughter of the famous interpreter and winner of multiple recognitions, Pepe Aguilar.

It was last Sunday when it was announced that the new collaboration between Nodal and Aguilar would have placed in the first place of the trends on YouTube.

From the outset the popularity of the melody was accompanied by a strong controversy and various comments among those who pointed out “both made a very beautiful couple” who “projected excellent chemistry” and many even showed their preference for “Angela over Belinda”.

The melody portrays the former coach of “Mexico’s voice“who tries to conquer the young woman, however she firmly despises him on several occasions when she considers him a” womanizer “.

The interpreter of “Adiós amor” shared some details about this duet for which he points out, he sought out Pepe Aguilar in the first place in order to request his permission to approve the idea, since the businessman also reviews each of the projects with dedication of your daughter’s career.

However, he revealed that for a moment he “felt nervous” when looking for the interpreter and expounding his idea, because although he did the song thinking for this duet he did not know if the singer’s father would give his approval.

Likewise, Nodal expressed great admiration for the young 17-year-old artist, Ángela Aguilar, which is why I seek to make this proposal a reality.