After being free after passing through Boca, Marcos Diaz is in search of a new team. Although he appeared in Independiente’s orbit, the 34-year-old goalkeeper is in Spain very close to arranging his arrival at the Leganes.

Juan Cruz Oller, his representative, spoke about it. « Marcos Diaz he is in Spain training with a club. There are three weeks of market left and it will almost certainly stay in Europe. It is something that he had already been looking for. We never rule out Independent« , he indicated in dialogue with » How are you doing « on radio Colonia.

« Independent He is about to close Sebastián Sosa because the coach wants him. I don’t know what to answer Diaz In this situation. It is very clear that the technician has another priority. There is a very big economic difference. If the club calls and there is an approach, we will see it. You can never rule out a big club like them unless you have a big offer from Europe, « explained the agent.

OllerMeanwhile, he commented that the negotiations with Independiente are far from being successful, so he is approaching Leganés. « There is a big economic difference between the club and the player that led to things being quickly diluted. It was difficult for us and the club’s positions to agree on the economic issue, » he added.