Dominican-born American Mike Rodriguez went from victory to defeat in just seconds at UFC Vegas 10 last Saturday. The fighter was the victim of a foul play by Ed herman, which simulated an illegal hit, and the referee’s error Chris Tognoni, which he misinterpreted.

What was a victory for KO, turned into a completion loss. Despite that, Mike doesn’t hold a grudge.

Various specialized media were surprised after indicating that they do not agree with the result, Rodriguez indicated in an interview with MMA Fighting which was the only moment of the match that I regret and report that he has already passed the episode, because his level, in his opinion, it was above normal.

“It was a strange moment in MMA, but I’m over it. So much so that if the result is changed, a No Contest is better than a defeat. I have nothing against the referee. It was a simple mistake and Herman took advantage of it “.

“There is nothing wrong with that. Please do not send hate messages or the like for Herman. He is a good man. Herman bought time and that was the beginning of the end. He got five minutes grace after getting knocked out, he’s flat, but it happens. The only thing I really blame Herman for putting his feet close when he finished me. Why would he do that? Herman lowered his profile to victory. Outside of that, there is nothing we can do. It leaves me more animated that everyone liked my performance. That was the only thing that really mattered to me “, said Rodriguez.

The fighter of Boston revealed that he is happy to see that Dana White, the president of UFC, was by his side and also made himself available to fight again, be it against Herman or other rival.

“Dana said that I won. I was sitting frustrated, the doctors were looking at my shoulder, and suddenly I saw that Dana was not happy. I thought I did something wrong and it scared me, but I was relieved when he said it was one of the worst things I ever saw and that he would pay me the win bonus. I won! I know the UFC believes that a new fight should happen, I accept, because I am a good worker. Looking at the record. Herman beat me, but, technically, no. If the UFC considers that fight as a victory for me, I will continue to face it. Who’s next? Who is available? “, he concluded.

The controversial defeat in UFC Vegas 10 prevents his promotion in the light heavyweight. Before this fight, “Slow” impressed by knocking out Marcin pracinho, last August. The American became known in Contender Series, debuting in 2018 and saw action in six fights.