The semi-complete champion of UFC Jon Jones was arrested last week, after driving under the influence of alcohol, negligent use of weapons, among other charges.

TMZ Sports revealed that Jones He struck a deal with prosecutors as he pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated. He was sentenced to 96 hours of community custody, 90 days of outpatient therapy and 48 hours of community service.

It was also revealed that you will have to pay a fine, wear an ankle monitor and will only be able to leave your home with prior authorization.

Jones You will also need to install an ignition interlock device on all the cars you use, which would force Jones complete a breathalyzer test before using vehicles.

Moments before the announcement, the champion issued a statement through his manager:

“As we all work to understand and deal with the stress of dealing with the current uncertainties of our planet, I want to express how truly disappointed I am to have become the source of a negative headline, especially during these difficult times. I am disappointed that I have let down the people I care about most, my family, my friends, and my fans. This morning I reached an agreement with the Albuquerque prosecutor’s office. I accept full responsibility for my actions and know that I have personal work to do. Which involves the unhealthy relationship I have with alcohol. ”

Now, we just have to wait Bones reflect and be careful with your next steps.