It is the first two people who die in the state of Illinois from coronavirus, died in the same hospital 4 hours apart.

By: Web Writing

After a lifetime together, the elderly couple made up of Feliks Y Luiza Ogorodnik finally lost the battle against him coronavirus after suffering complications with pneumonia caused by the COVID-19. They died just 4 hours apart in the same hospital.

The man was 88 years old and his wife Luiza He was 84, according to the doctor in charge of the two patients, the cause of death was also related to the health condition they already had before being infected.

Both, originally from Ukraine and residents of Chicago, are the first people to die in the state of Illinois from the new coronavirus.

The Ukrainian couple are known to have migrated to the United States more than two decades ago.

According to a short text published in a Chicago obituary, the couple were always very proud of having become US citizens, they never stopped learning English and learning more about the country.