After conducting a baby shower in Necochea, 5 cases of positive coronavirus were detected and about 50 possible infections were studied. It all started with a woman who passed it on to her three children, her mother, and a coworker.

According to what Todo Noticias published, in the midst of the obligatory quarantine, a celebration was held to honor a pregnant woman 12 days ago. At the meeting were the children of a 49-year-old woman who tested positive for covid-19, which meant that about 50 people had to be isolated from close relatives and all those who maintained close contact at the party with the young people.

This was confirmed by the city’s Health Secretariat, which indicated that there are several suspects with symptoms related to the pandemic. “She has three sons, who have a partner and one works,” they detailed from the health portfolio about the woman who started the infection and who works in a nursing home.

Of the first eleven results that came, six were negative and five positives: they are the three children and the mother of the lady, in addition to a co-worker.

Regarding the protocols being taken, they stated: “We will investigate narrow and indirect cases; “They are two different routes of investigation. Close contacts are about family members and co-workers, as well as any person who has been less than two meters away without corresponding protection or sharing a closed place.”

“All older adults at the nursing home where the woman works, all her companions and the owner of the home, as well as her children and a granddaughter, were swabbed,” said Ruth Kalle, Secretary of Health.

Later, Kalle revealed: “This woman’s daughter-in-law works in a children’s home where they receive disabled children. We have them in study and they will have to do isolation ”.