Africa suffers advance of 3rd wave of covid, spreads faster and stronger

Africa faces a devastating resurgence of infections of COVID whose peak will exceed that of the previous waves in a moment in which the countries of continent battle to vaccinate even to a small percentage of the population, reported on Thursday senior officials of health.

The third wave is accelerating, spreading faster and hitting harder, ”said Dr Mathidisho Moeti, World Health Organization Regional Director for Africa.

With the case numbers rapidly increasing and more and more reports of serious illness, the latest increase puts Africa in the worst danger yet, ”he told a weekly conference. “Africa can still mitigate the impact of this rapid increase in infections, but the window of opportunity is closing. Everyone everywhere can contribute a little by taking precautions to avoid transmission. “

The new cases have increased from the beginning May and the resurgence will exceed previous waves for early July, according to WHO Africa.

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The lower compliance with public health measures, the increase in social interactions without masks and the new variants have contributed to the increase in cases. Moeti encouraged governments to do more to offer populations easier access to masks and hygiene facilities.

The delta variant has devastated India and has been detected in at least 14 African countries, including Congo, Mozambique, Namibia and Uganda.

The delta variant “could have played a very important role” in the “very devastating“Third wave of COVID-19 in at least 20 countries in Africa, said John Nkengasong, director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on Thursday.

We are totally left behind, we just don’t have vaccines, ”added Nkengasong.


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