Afores with more profit in October for generation 1975-1979

The Retirement Fund Administrators (Afores) are in charge of managing the resources of Mexican workers. Being registered in one is a personal obligation since the income earned from saving could increase the amount of the pension that is received when it is time to retire.

If you quote to the IMSS and ISSSTE you must be registered in an Afore, if you have not done this procedure, surely you are assigned in one. Choosing an administrator that gives you more returns according to your age could increase your savings faster.

The Afore you are in should give you more returns. Photo: Reforma

It is important that you know that you can change your administrator once a year to one that offers you better returns, changes are only allowed twice in the same year if the one you want to move to is among the first places in the performance table , which you can check in your account statement.

The activities carried out by the Afores are regulated by the Consar, who gives you three recommendations to choose the best administrator: that the returns it gives you are high, the commission it charges you and the services it offers you.

A part of your savings in the Afore goes to the Retirement Funds Investment Companies (Siefores), mutual funds, where you are assigned according to your age. Here you can check the percentages obtained by the Afores at the end of October, for those born between 1975 and 1979.

Afore Performance compared September-October Profuturo from 6.45% to 6.51% (same position) Coppel from 5.87% goes to 5.95% (same position) Sura from 5.50% goes to 5.69% (goes up one position) Pensionissste from 5.66% goes to 5.63% (one position goes down) XXI Banorte from 5.45% goes to 5.55% (one position goes up) Principal from 5.42% goes to 5.52% (one position goes up) Inbursa from 5.49% goes to 5.47% (down two positions) Azteca from 5.37% to 5.40% (same position) Citibanamex from 5.08% to 5.32% (same position) Invercap from 4.11% to 4.19% (same position)

The three Afores that gave the most performance in October for those born between 1975 and 1979 are Profuturo, Coppel and Sura.

If you have any questions with your Afore where you are registered, you can communicate by phone or visit the official sites:

AFORE TELEPHONES OFFICIAL SITE Profuturo 01 800 715 5555 Inbursa 01 800 909 0000 Pensionissste 01 800 400 2000 Coppel 01 800 226 7735 XXI Banorte 0155 2000 1994 Sura 0144 3310 8192 Invercap 01 800 522 2367 Banamex 01 800 282 3673 Principal 01 800 277 4624 .mx

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