The Taliban have rejected on Tuesday the possibility of declaring a ceasefire on the occasion of the beginning of the historic peace talks with the Government and have argued that, for this, it would be necessary to reach an agreement on the future Executive of the country beforehand.

« We want these issues to be resolved soon. We want a ceasefire. It is in the (peace agreement with the United States, » ”said Suhail Shahin, a member of the insurgents’ negotiating delegation and a former spokesman for the Taliban political office. in Qatar.

Thus, he stressed that « all Afghans want » a ceasefire, although he stressed that « a ceasefire cannot be agreed while this Administration is still there. » « That is not realistic, » he has settled, as reported by the Afghan television network Tolo TV.

For his part, Mohamad Naim Uardak, new spokesman for the Taliban office in Qatar, confirmed through his account on the social network Twitter that a « general meeting » between the two negotiating teams took place during the day.

« It should be noted that most of the modalities of the meeting have been agreed and there is little pending, » he revealed, before detailing that « two people have been appointed by both teams for communication tasks. » « The leaders (of the delegations) have recommended patience and restraint during the talks, » he added.

The Afghan authorities on Sunday called for a « significant » reduction in violence in the country after the start of their peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar.

The president of the High Council for National Reconciliation, former Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah, said that first there must be a « significant » reduction in violence in the face of a humanitarian ceasefire and a definitive ceasefire. « It would be a miscalculation to think that causing more victims will make people have more hope for peace, » he argued.

The start of direct peace talks – Kabul did not participate in those that led to the historic pact signed on February 29 by Washington and the insurgents – came after several months plagued with obstacles, the main of which has been the process. release of prisoners.

Likewise, since the February agreement, the country has once again been plunged into a spiral of violence, with the resumption of Taliban attacks against Afghan security forces and civilians, while insurgents accuse the Afghan Army of continuing to attack. their positions.