Afghanistan – A series of limpet bomb attacks kills at least five in various parts of Kabul


At least five people have died and two have been injured during a chain of three explosions that have been registered this Saturday throughout various points of the Afghan capital, Kabul, as reported by security sources to the Tolo News chain.

All the explosions have been attributed to sticky bombs placed on the underside of several vehicles of civilians and members of the Afghan security forces, security sources have explained to the chain, without accurately identifying the victims.

The first detonation occurred on Darulaman Road, west of Kabul, against a Toyota Corolla vehicle, in which two people were injured.

Later, another magnetic bomb exploded in the city’s fourth police district, placed under another vehicle of the same model, killing three people. The third occurred in Pul e Wahdat. Of this it is known that two people died.

This comes amid an increase in explosions of these magnetic devices in Kabul in recent months. Attacks and killings against Afghan security forces, civilian government employees, journalists, religious academics and civil society activists occur daily in the capital.

So far no group has assumed responsibility for the attacks.