The situation in the world of Wrestling is very intense at this point, as the #SpeakingOut movement has revealed all kinds of abuses. This time it was Sammy Guevara’s turn, who in 2016 during a podcast expressed that he wanted to rape Sasha Banks.

Although Sammy Guevara publicly apologized and contacted Sasha Banks personally to offer his apologies as well, the AEW company released a strong statement announcing the indefinite suspension of the fighter, without pay.

The corrective to Sammy Guevara by AEW

In addition, the company sent him to a counseling program to be evaluated and attended, but above all so that AEW can assess in the future whether or not he is fit to continue working.

The corrective does not end there, as Sammy Guevara’s salary will be donated to the Jacksonville Women’s Center for her projects in favor of women.

AEW lays a strong foundation in zero tolerance for any type of sexual assault, therefore, fighters and everyone in the middle must make a deep reflection on their past, because justice is apparently being done retroactively.

Do you remember any discriminatory phrase that a fighter has said in an interview or podcast? This could cost you a suspension or a layoff.

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