Welcome to AEW Dynamite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first fight of the night involves Cody facing Jimmy Havoc

Cody vs Jimmy Havoc

Cody takes the win after a long-running bout where they also fought at ringside, especially near the commentary table. The match ended with a Cross Rhodes by Cody to Jimmy Havoc and took the victory on behalf of three.

Winner: Cody

OdyCody defeats Jimmy Havoc in #AEWDynamite

👍🏼 Transitional combat for Cody who seems to have his sights set on Lance Archer.

🤷🏼‍♂️Jimmy Havoc can’t find his place on #AEW. He is currently a wildcard fighter. English does not fit into any story. pic.twitter.com/EckM4myMFG

– Karl Argila (@argilacarlos) March 26, 2020

Kip Sabian (accompanied by Penelope Ford) vs Darby Allin

The combat begins with a referee. Kick to Allin’s abdomen. Padlock around Allin’s neck. Darby breaks free from Sabian’s attack, the Englishman leaves the ring. Allin tries to surprise but hits the barricade.

Sabian remains in control of the fight. Sabian talks to the referee and Penelope attacks Allin. Suplex for Allin.

Double knee to Allin, the account only reaches 2. Sabian applies a Breaker but Darby is released. Allin takes a boost and takes control of the fight. Stunner for Sabian. The account reaches 2. Punishment on the post for Allin. The Brit leaves the ring, Allin recovers and applies a Suicide Dive on Sabian.

Ford again intervenes on behalf of her boyfriend. Flying kick to the head accompanied by another movement. The account reaches 2 and a half. Sabian humiliates his rival with kicks.

. @ TheKipSabian on the comeback!
Watch #AEWDynamite NOW on @TNTDrama 8e / 7c #AEWonTNT @AEWonTNT pic.twitter.com/UDTwkVhHch

– All Elite Wrestling (@AEWrestling) March 26, 2020

Right hand for Allin. 1,2 and the fight continues. Allin tries to lock the leg but modifies it to pin Kip Sabian.

#AEW | Darby Allin defeats Kip Sabian in #AEWDynamite pic.twitter.com/2d2MXAEqsa

– Planet Wrestling (@Planeta_Wrest) March 26, 2020

Winner: Darby Allin

Jake Hager vs Chico Adams

The Inner Circle member takes the victory with a surrender key. The combat did not last more than 5 minutes.

Winner: Jake Hager.

After the fight, Jon Moxley appears on the ramp and attacks Hager. Paradigm Shift for Hager. The All American American tries to do the Ankle Lock but Moxley is released.

We return from the commercials….

Moxley threatens the Inner Circle.

(Coverage in process)

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