Aeternal Mentis will debut on BME Growth on July 23 valued at 37 million

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Aeternal Mentis It already has a release date as listed. The technology company specialized in artificial intelligence will debut at BME Growth next Friday July 23 valued at 37.1 million euros after receiving the approval of the board of directors of the stock exchange platform for SMEs.

The starting capitalization has been established based on the 2.8 euros per share that have been set as the reference price for its debut. The figure was established within the framework of the capital increase approved on July 1 for 2 million euros.

In this transaction, 732,166 new shares with a nominal value of 0.10 euros plus an issue premium of 2.7 euros were issued. These new titles represent 5.53% of the total share capital of the company, distributed in 13.23 million shares.

The shares of the newly listed company will be traded under the acronym AMEN. Aeternal Mentis will be the ninth company to join BME Growth so far this year. The company has contracted the services of Norgestion as a registered advisor, while GVC Gaesco Values will act as a provider of liquidity.

The next listed Spanish company is specialized in technological services dedicated to providing third parties with the infrastructure and services necessary for the development of artificial intelligence models. More specifically, its activity focuses on the leasing of computing capacities for the generation and training of these models, as well as on advice and support for their development.

Leading project in Álava

The company’s plans are to promote in Álava the largest platform in Europe dedicated solely to training and processing artificial intelligence models. His credentials include a revenue forecast for this year of 0.9 million that he expects to multiply to 47 million in 2025.

In addition, this growth will allow it to achieve an Ebitda of 6 million euros in 2023 and 28 million by 2025, according to its brand. five-year strategic plan. However, the Álava project was born from the private initiative of private partners who have contributed an initial capital of 7 million euros of their own funds.

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