Adventurous family members are all the rage

The expansion of SUVs, across all market segments, is unstoppable. All brands want to have one or more copies in their catalog and this is causing cannibalize plots where they were not. One of the most “novel”, especially for its appeal, is the family with the air of an SUV. The Subaru Outback He is one of the best exponents but it has not been until now that the brands of the entire sector have copied his idea.

However, the Japanese firm does not want to be just another “sheep” and to avoid being confused with its rivals a very special model has been drawn from its sleeve. Do you remember that a few days ago we told you that they were preparing something very interesting, right? Well here is the Subaru Outback Wilderness the most capable version of all in the range. If you like its design and off-road qualities, don’t miss it, although we think you’re going to be disappointed.

As much as you like it and ask for it, the Subaru Outback Wilderness will stay in the US

A few days ago my colleague Diego Ávila told you the news of the renewed Subaru Outback. Well, the Yankee division of the Japanese firm has made this interesting Wilderness version. As seen in the images the basic lines of style do not change. However, the team of engineers and designers has endowed this iteration with a series of technical and aesthetic elements that improve its dynamics on track and field.

Thus, we have a very powerful front with new bumpers and plastic protections. This element extends through the underbody of the entire body as well as the rear bumper. The lower air intake and the anti-fog are also new, providing a more sporty touch. The side view stands out for the increase in ground clearance, the result of including a higher suspension. Nor can we ignore the new tires.

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So are the improvements of the new Subaru Outback! On sale in May

So that we do not forget that we are before him Subaru Outback Wilderness the rear and the front wheel arch boast a specific logo. Inside there are also changes, although they are of nuance and are limited to the decoration of some areas. Thus, the steering wheel and gear lever receive a copper colored trim. This same tone is used in the seams that adorn the leather of the dashboard or seats.

Finally, we must talk about the mechanical part. Unlike the Outback sold in Europe, the engine under its hood is turbocharged. For the occasion they have trusted him 2.4-liter boxer Turbo with 260 hp and 277 Nm of torque. Its management is entrusted to the Lineartronic CVT transmission with 8 preset stages. There will also be all-wheel drive with Active Torque Vectoring and a renewed X-Mode with modes for snow, mud and sand.

And now what, will the Outback Wilderness come to Europe?

Considering the technical and mechanical setup of the Subaru Outback Wilderness it is not scheduled to be sold in Europe. The firm’s target market is very limited, just the opposite of the US. Therefore, unless a unit escapes to countries like Germany, the United Kingdom or France, we see it complicated. A shame because This Outback Wilderness would bring out the colors of more than one big name TT.

Source – Subaru