Adriana Lastra for the Congress session, ask for help and in a minute they fix the problem

This Wednesday’s vote in Congress has stopped without warning. The socialist spokesperson, Adriana Lastra, has interrupted the president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet to warn of a problem that has been solved shortly after, but that it was essential to fix to continue the session.

– “Mrs. Lastra”, said Batet.

– “Yes, President. Simply to state and if it can be solved that the seat of María Luisa Carcedo is not working, the button in the two votes ”, explained Lastra.

Batet quickly assured that the Chamber would review it for the rest of the votes. Meanwhile, Carcedo, former Minister of Health, looked at the presidency of the Chamber with the face of few friends, waiting for the problem to be solved.

Until that moment, the plenary session of Congress has been a sea of ​​murmurs while two people have approached Carcedo’s seat to fix the ruling that was preventing the socialist deputy from counting the vote.

A minute later the incident was resolved and voting resumed. This Wednesday the Congress has validated four royal decrees approved by the Government: lower the VAT on electricity (193 ‘yeses’), relax the use of the mask (180 ‘yeses’), stop the temporary status of officials (170 ‘yeses’ ‘and 169′ noes’) and renting almost half a thousand works from the Thyssen collection over 15 years (269 ‘yeses’). Of course, only the decree of the interim, very tight, will be processed as a bill by the emergency procedure.

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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