Adolfo Ríos will run for the municipal presidency of Querétaro for the PVEM

Millennium Digital

Mexico City / 13.01.2021 16:09:47

Adolfo Rios Garcia, one of the top national football referents in recent decades, was registered this Tuesday as a candidate for the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) to the municipal presidency of Queretaro.

Before the State Committee of that political institute, Adolfo Ríos presented his registration in the presence of members of the State Political Council of the Green Party, as well as municipal and district coordinators of the PVEM.

Ricardo Astudillo, general secretary of the Green Party in the entity, endorsed his support for the historic goalkeeper of the football clubs Pumas, América, Necaxa, Veracruz and the national team.

« Adolfo Ríos is the best option to occupy the municipal seat of Querétaro”, Astudillo emphasized, who announced that with the former sports commentator and former director of the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro Soccer Club »it will be possible to build a project that brings together all interested wills « .“We are proud and honored to present Adolfo Ríos as the person who will run for the municipal presidency of Querétaro, representing the Green Party in a Common Front. It represents the confirmation that together, with the citizens, we have built a political force that competes and he wins, for his proposals and the profile of his candidates ”, stated the state leader of Verde Ecologista.

This is the second time that Adolfo Ríos will run for the Querétaro city council, currently governed by the PAN Luis Bernardo Nava Guerrero.

So far, there are three registered candidates running for mayor of the Queretaro capital, however, according to people close to PVEM, the former goalkeeper appears as the favorite to reach the municipal presidency.