Adesanya, step back after the ordeal of the light heavyweight

Israel Adesanya has never stopped being Israel Adesanya. He wanted to try his luck at light heavyweight. He did not increase his muscle mass and paid it to someone as powerful as Jan Błachowicz, who gave him no choice and took away the undefeated. The ordago had been risky and missed. It is time to step back and get back to the division where you are the absolute king. New Zealander (nationalized, born in Nigeria) He is the champion and has cleared the division. It seems that nobody can argue with him, but after a defeat there are always doubts.

To dispel any uncertainty that might hang over him, Adesanya did not want time to pass. He lost, in a tough fight for him, in March and is back this Saturday. He will play the main event of UFC 263 against Marvin Vettori, whom you know very well. The two met in 2018 (second fight in the company for Adesanya) and the victory fell on the side of the now champion. Since that confrontation, Isarel has entered the Octagon eight times and has won four championships. While, the Italian has fought five times and has established himself in the division. He comes off defeating Kevin Holland in April and thinks he’s ready.

The first fight ended with a split decision, and Adesanya, true to his style, wanted to warm it up. Now he will not let anyone decide. “I will never understand how he and another judge can give him that fight. Did he win two rounds? What? The judges will be eliminated this time from the equation. I guarantee it 100%. I know what I did, but here we are again. Be careful what you ask for because you could get it … it is delusional. He holds onto that loss against me more than his greatest victories. I want to take that away from him and make sure there is no question. I can’t wait to beat up that guy“Said the champion in a promotional video. It is clear that he knows how to heat up the fights and that he wants to clear up any doubts.

On paper, the favoritism is clear to Adesanya. In its natural category has a big difference in size going for it and that is key to the kickbacks it executes so well. His hand is heavy and that is something that Vettori must take care of, a fighter who stands out for his work on the ground. It will be a duel of styles. Difficult for the aspirant. The champion wants revenge.

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