Pokémon Sword and Shield they already have their first DLC, the one known as « The Island of Armor », which adds an entirely new area to the east of the British Galar region. However, the area is not the only novelty, since it also some creatures from past games have been added that were not available in the base game at its launch last year 2019, so now we review this list, but we also see which of these creatures are exclusive to each version (remember, there are two different expansion passes and we are the players that we have to make sure we buy the right one.)

These are the creatures that players will be able to find in «The Island of Armor», the Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC

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Pokémon added in «The Isle of Armor»: SandshrewSandslashJigglypuffWigglytuffPsyduckGolduckPoliwagPoliwhirlPoliwrathAbraKadabraAlakazamTentacoolTentacruelSlowpokeSlowbroMagnemiteMagnetonExeggcuteChanseanKasanThanklandCaroneLikeitung (Exclusive to Pokemon Sword)TaurosPorygonIgglybuffMarillAzumarillPolitoedSlowkingDunsparceScizorHeracross (Exclusive to Pokémon Shield)SkarmoryKingdraPorygon2MiltankBlisseyWhismurLoudredExploudAzurillCarvanhaSharpedoShinxLuxioLuxrayBunearyLopunnyHappinyMagnezoneLickilickyTangrowthPorygon-ZLillipupHerdierStoutlandVenipedeWhirlipe
[549] – LilligantSandileKrokorokKrookodileZoruaZoroarkEmolgaFoongusAmoongussMienfooMienshaoDruddigonBouffalantLarvestaVolcaronaFletchlingFletchinderTalonflameSkrelp (Exclusive to Pokémon Shield)Dragalge (Exclusive to Pokémon Shield)Clauncher (Exclusive to Pokemon Sword)Clawitzer (Exclusive to Pokemon Sword)DedenneKlefkiRockruffLycanrocFomantisLurantisComfeySandygastPalossandMagearnaKubfuUrshifuZarude

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