As usual, Adara Molinero has uploaded her weekly video to her channelMtmadin which he tends to open up to his fans. In this week’s installment, he shared a video in which he answered 50 questions about her, or that was his intention, taking a completely different turn to the content and making a drastic decision.

Answering questions from his followers,AdaraHe remembered an anecdote next to his father, with whom he has no relationship since his participation in ‘GH VIP’, demoralizing himself by naming him and losing control of the situation on camera.

“This has made me connect with what I’m living with my father, but hey, I don’t want to cry. It’s like I’ve been holding on for many days, without kicking him out, and now … lately I feel a lot of pain, but I don’t cry, so I carry it stored there andit is accumulating. I have to bloat to cry until my eyes burst and that’s it. Let’s see if I can become strong at once, “confessed the contestant, sincerely with her audience.

Leaving the questionnaire aside, Adara has continued: “I feel terrible. I have to assimilate many things, since I am separating from being left behind, going through a bad relationship with my father because we don’t talk to each other. A lot of things happen behind the television, especially disappointments with many people. Television gives you very good things but it also brings out the true face of many people. It is an accumulation of things that I still have to process “.

A complicated situation to which is added the absence of his mother, who is competing in ‘Survivors’: “All this accumulation of things has caught me without my mother, so I do not feel very understood. I have a cocktail of feelings in my There are people to whom I explain them and people don’t understand it.I would like to feel that someone understands me

A cluster offeelingsthat caused Adara to explode and communicate his drastic decision: “At this point I wanted to tell you that this is going to be the last chapter. I cannot continue exposing myself. I cannot make as if nothing happened in my life. I need to stop, that my life stabilize. There are times when we need to be deep down, hit bottom, and then come out afloat. “

“I just want to recover. I want to thank you for joining me on this stage.I love you so muchand I hope to see you soon, “Adara finished, saying goodbye to her followers for at least a while.