Adán Jodorowsky goes from music to cinema; readies horror script – El Sol de México

Adán Jodorowsky has been working on his music during his quarantine, but he has also taken the time to focus on a film script that began two years ago, and finally had a chance to continue.

Without revealing too many details, he announced that it is a horror script, a genre with which he had previously worked. “I made a film at eight years old called Santa Blood, a gore film, not about monsters but it is about murders, surely there is some influence from that experience,” he says in relation to the film directed by his father, Alejandro Jodorowsky in 1990 .

“After acting in that movie, I also directed a short called El thief of voices, where Asia Argento and my brother (Cristóbal Jodorowsky) act. I had already worked with the genre, now I feel more ready to write ”, he commented to The Sun of Mexico via Zoom.

When asked if he considers that today the public has lost their fear of watching horror tapes, he replied that “it is always easy to scare someone, you just have to do it well, you have to prepare well the soldiers waiting behind the door.”

In addition to this project, the singer also celebrates the release of his most recent album, ironically titled (like everything in his style) My Greatest Hits, which includes a series of covers of French songs, which he performed in collaboration with the band The French Kiss. .

Adán explained that this album was a kind of rest for him, since for the repertoire he only had to adapt the songs, which required less effort than the rest of his materials that are made up of his own songs.

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For the cover, in which he appears in an eighties outfit with a blue background, he was inspired by a photograph of Bruce Springstein, where El Jefe poses in the same way. With this he honors the albums of that time, and continues with his tendency to mix the musical side with the acting.

“At one time I played different characters, and when I dedicated myself to music I said ‘well it won’t be the same anymore, but I can dress up.’ I have always liked characters, such as Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper or David Bowie. All those people who got into roles and coming from the theater or the cinema, I can’t help it every time I have to act in my videos, “he concluded.

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