Adamari López will be Angélica Vale’s luxury guest at the unveiling of her star on the Walk of Fame

Angelica Vale She recently premiered her own television show, “La Máscara del Amor” (TV Star), and lives a dream in tune after knowing that she will have her star in Hollywood, a surprise that still does not let her sleep.

“I think that by focusing on the good things in life, life becomes good to you too and wonderful things start to happen. I am living one of the best moments of my life, totally !, with work, very happy with my family, with my children, my husband, my mother, and of course this news of the star that keeps me sleepless ”.

This dream came to her unexpectedly, since it was her husband Otto Padrón who took care of everything. “I didn’t put the papers in, I didn’t do anything; He was the one who did everything, and obviously I knew it was him because who else? So I turned around and said ‘I hate you, I hate you, how did you do this? You’re crazy! ‘”Said the actress and comedian.

“Obviously, the ‘I hate you’ was ‘I love you.’ It surprised me in a wonderful way, ”he added. La Vale has not had the opportunity to speak with one of her best friends, Adamari López, who is going through a difficult time due to the separation of Toni Costa, father of her daughter Alaia.

“I haven’t talked to her, mind you! I just sent her a message, as always, telling her that I love her very much and yes, it must be strong (the separation) and that’s why I don’t bother her, she knows. She is my comadre, I adore her and she knows that we are here for whatever she wants, for whatever she needs, she knows that we love her very much ”.

They asked the actress if she would invite her friend to her big event and this was what she said: “I’m going to invite her, of course I’m going to invite her, she better come.”

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