Adamari López was happy dancing bachata and showing off her breasts

While Toni Costa is on Spanish soil with Alaïa, Adamari Lopez seems to be very funny and happy dance, who dances you with a smile from ear to ear, but besides everything showing off the breasts. Very removed from grief, Today’s host she put on a very short green dress that had a kind of bra on the bust. This lifted himself up, resulting in a spectacular cleavage. For more auction he showed that she lBachata loves it and was very happy dancing it.

Although he came from two days with unfortunate outfits with which, on one occasion, his pants were rejected for being ugly and large. In another, on the contrary, be very short. Nothing has been made so difficult for “La Chaparrita” from Telemundo how to please the tastes of all his followers. However, today he hit it as a homerun and scored several compliments dancing to the rhythm of the bachata and above all showing off her “pechonalidad”.

All this happens just weeks after announcing his separation from the dancer Toni Costa, with whom he spent 10 years and with whom he had his daughter Alaïa Costa of 6. Of this distancing everything has been said. Since Adamari Lopez left Toni for supposedly being a kept until his alleged infidelities with different partners. For this reason, a few days ago the host of “Gossip No Like”, Javier Ceriani, followed him to talk to him.

In this conversation, Toni Costa was very polite and denied these rumors. He also assured that they were having separations like any couple and clearly left open a possible reconciliation between him and Adamari. At no time did he look upset, but he was somewhat uncomfortable.

On the other hand, Javier and Elisa Beristain made their due inquiries and were able to publicize how much Toni Costa earned per Zumba class that he taught in California just after announcing the separation. The class, according to journalists, cost $ 30 dollars per person and if, according to Ceriani, there were 80 people, this would give a total of $ 2,400 dollars. But remember that this would be for the concept of a single class.

Toni Costa has already said that he has a pretty cool schedule. He even taught some other classes. He also works with the promotion of other products and could perfectly be an influencer on social networks, since his number of followers on Instagram is not negligible.

What is certain is that Toni is very happy in the company of his daughter and the warmth of his family just now that the media tension in Miami has him in its sights.

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