Adamari López was destroyed in criticism for just one garment | Instagram

Strong criticism was generated around Adamari Lopez after appearing on the show in a garment that was able to direct the worst comments.

Users did not like the image that the conductive star of the morning show « A new day« , after she recently appeared in a pink romper that received some very bad comments.

The followers of the program were in charge of making him see the conductive that a particular outfit that she wore in one of the broadcasts made her look « super bad » and even hinted that « someone from the wardrobe team » had her « bad milk » for dressing her « so bad ».

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It is worth mentioning that the artist and presenter has struggled to stay healthy after overcoming the strong suffering related to cancer that he developed a few years ago.

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The artist, who stood out for having a statuesque figure, won some kilos During her recovery and after having her only daughter, she did not get the same figure again.

Fortunately, he has enjoyed several years with a very good Health, a point very in his favor since that’s in the first place, but he recently shared that he would undergo a routine of exercises to recover his beautiful body, which his fans applauded him and gave him many cheers for him to achieve it.

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However, one of the outfits With those who appeared in the broadcast, they would not have done so much justice to what the famous woman has gained with her effort to lose a few kilos.

Users were the first to notice it and with strong comments They showed their dissatisfaction with the pink suit that he wore on the Telemundo morning.

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Some of the comments pointed out how « horrible » the garment looked and that surely « someone hated it ».

Adamaris is beautiful but that dress is horrible, what an ugly taste, commented user @ marlenerivera98.

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Hey and why instead of throwing the people who are really good, throw the wardrobe. She is very pretty but they dress her super bad. I think she hates Adamaris, you saw her horribleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, pointed out @deseodelsol.