Adamari López shuts up heavy criticism, the Telemundo star conquers the fans with her pink dress

Adamari López is simply spectacular.

Photo: Manny Hernandez / Grosby Group

Adamari Lopez she is a woman of actions. When he speaks, he does it only to communicate work or what he wants his fans to know about his work or personal life, he does not mention it to the critic. On one occasion, speaking with her for La Opinion, she said that she did not read malicious messages. She knows that just as she has many fans who love her and even stand up for her, there are others who only want to leave hurtful messages, not at all constructive. Quite the opposite of Toni Costa, who usually read the offenses directed at his partner and react immediately in his defense. And not as just another fan, but as a man who loves his daughter’s mother, and who does not hesitate to defend her.

But since Ada is a woman of actions, the best way she can answer is to show how good she looks, whatever she wears. And that’s what he has done. Today, for example, she came to Telemundo with a pink dress, a big smile and her hair down. As always his accessories are few. Adamari is not ostentatious. The rest of her look was complemented with a pair of nude sandals. Regarding the makeup, it was natural, highlighting the favorable parts of her face and her nails were painted in white. It looked perfect, youthful and fresh. Some fans have said that it looks like a “doll”.

During the past week he was the victim of heavy criticism and hurtful words. Some are even offensive to praise her beauty. She has lost weight, she looks slimmer and still they keep attacking her body. If you lose weight, they say it’s in the bones, others say it’s over the top. Many are simply not happy with anything, which is why she does not read the negative review.

But Adamari has not been wrong in the dressing room.

The Hoy Dia host is wearing dresses that effectively show that she has lost weight, but none have been “oversize”, although it should be noted that this is also a trend within fashion, but “Fashion, what fits you” and unfortunately this wave does not usually favor women of small stature, especially if it has prominent curves, because it gives more volume.

Now, why shouldn’t women access this trend in the fashion world? There is no adequate answer to this question, or that leaves everyone happy, therefore it is best for men or women to dress as they really feel comfortable. Now, there is a time and a place for everything, use the same criteria but identify the formal from the informal and keep going.

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