Adamari López shows off her new bikini figure in front of Toni Costa

Adamari López and Toni Costa are falling in love with Capri, Italy, together. The couple announced their separation a few weeks ago through social networks, but they have always maintained that for their daughter they are capable of doing everything, with the intention that she always maintains a life with emotional stability, even when they are not together.

Through Facbeook Toni, for example, she has been in constant communication with her followers, exposing part of what her family vacations have been, and one of her videos has been appreciated by Adamari, who also took a walk through Capri , on a yacht, showing off her new slimness arriving in a bikini.

Through the Telemundo screens, his fans have also been able to appreciate how his waist and hips have been reducing in size, to such a degree that many of his pants no longer fit. She herself exposed this situation on her social networks, letting her fans enter her closet. There he showed how much of his clothes will be donated, because they no longer have a bit left. What’s more, the shorts slide down your hips to the floor. They do not fit.

In Hoy Día’s social networks, they have also seen her new wardrobe and although many praise her, others have begun to criticize her because they do not feel comfortable seeing how they have changed their clothes for dresses, whichWhat they consider, more for a girl or adolescent, than for a 50-year-old woman, even when she always looks 20.

Many prefer to see her in fitted dresses in bright colors, than with clothes that are always charming, but too sweet and not very sexy for her new figure.

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