Adamari López puts on her engagement ring and goes on vacation to reunite with Toni Costa

Toni Costa and Adamari López.

Photo: John Parra. / .

Adamari López announced the start of her vacation. Days before she left, Toni Costa told Gossip No Like that she was going to see reconciliation and apparently hinted that they could marry in Spain. The driver, it is said, is going to Spain to join his vacation with her daughter Alaïa. And through Instagram it could be seen in her ad that the engagement ring that Toni gave her returned to her finger.

It is known that Ada travels in the company of her brothers, who will be part of this vacation. Hence, speculation about a possible wedding in Europe is taking even more shape.

Toni Costa, for his part, shared on Instagram, in his last story, that he was heading in an unknown direction late at night. Some believe that they are going to pick up Adamari, others think that the Puerto Rican is already with him and they are going together to a new destination.

Something that is striking is that for the video of her Instagram stories she appears with the engagement ring, but for the photograph that they exposed on Instagram announcing her vacation, Adamari appears without it. Is it all a distraction strategy? Nobody knows for sure what is happening between them. However, his audience does not lose hope and many are eager to hear that they have reconciled and that the wedding bells ring again around the famous Telemundo host.

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