Adamari López opened her dress down and showed her legs

Adamari López opened her dress and showed her legs.

Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Shorty” from Telemundo was a few days away from the set of ‘Today’ while enjoying a few days of vacation with his daughter Alaïa near the snow But that was no excuse for her to post on her own account. Instagram the good news that he was back and not only with a lot of energy, but wasting beauty everywhere.

He precisely published a photo to let his fans know that he was ‘active’ to pamper them and make them laugh, without thinking that that would leave many drooling. It turns out that in the image she was wearing a sensual green dress, which she opened at the bottom to show one of the most flattered attributes of the Puerto Rican, her legs. In addition, as is customary, she was wearing transparent sandals that gave her a very sexy touch.

Undoubtedly, Adamari Lopez He has managed to re-develop confidence in his figure and, after long and hard work, he has managed to lose a lot of the extra pounds he had. This has made her decide on hotter and more daring ‘outfits’. Obviously, this was taken into account by his followers, who have not stopped throwing flowers and compliments. Certainly, with or without extra pounds, Adamari is undoubtedly the most spoiled presenter of the Hispanic television.

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