Adamari Lopez determined to lose weight, shares new challenge | .

The very conductive Adamari Lopez shared a new challenge, with which she feels more motivated because she wants to lose weight, this also helps her followers to have her as inspiration.

As you well know Adamari has been at times delicate healthIt was partly the reason why she gained weight, however today she is motivated to shed a few extra pounds.

Adamari was one of the first drivers to catch COVID-19, fortunately he is already out of danger determined to further strengthen your health.

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It was on July 8 that he shared his last video Related to his new exercise routine, we could appreciate the great effort he makes while making the recordings.

The driver and also an actress is performing a challenge, in which she also invites her followers to do it together with her for four weeks « Non-stop ».

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« You will be able to experience changes inside and out, @toni @yaspersonaltrainer and I invite you to join our healthy family, go to the link, book your challenge from now until this Sunday and you will enter the raffle for do it totally FREE, do you dare ??? « wrote Adamari.

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Lopez has five million one hundred thousand followers on Instagram for sure his call had some response from his admirersThanks to these almost five months of quarantine, many people began to exercise and take care of their diet, although we admit that sometimes it’s a little difficultHowever, everything is possible if there is motivation.

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In addition to losing weight, another of the driver’s goals is to increase muscle mass, all of which is accompanied by a balanced feeding because there is no point in exercising a lot if our food is not adequate.

Adamari will surely reach his goal and become inspiration for millions of people who are still in confinement.

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