Adamari López breaks down in tears for her daughter Alaïa

Adamari López and her daughter, Alaïa share an excellent relationship based on trust and above all a lot of love that has been reflected in all the moments they spend as a family. As is customary, both have once again touched their followers with a publication that is characterized by the tenderness that it inspires. The television host was on the verge of tears with the new achievement that the six-year-old has achieved.

Adamari López and her daughter Alaïa© @@ habiaunavezunafoto_Adamari López and her daughter Alaïa

Almost two months after announcing her separation from Toni Costa after 10 years, the girl they have in common continues to surprise them with her achievements at the sporting level, as she takes golf, tennis, horse riding, swimming gymnastics and Karate classes. It was precisely in this last discipline in which the girl has just achieved a new feat.

Adamari explained that her daughter received her yellow belt, signifying her step to a new level in martial arts. In the video, the actress also pointed out that after a certain time the teachers measure the skills of their students and scale in degrees that are recognized by the colors of the belt.

The Puerto Rican assured that they called her to confirm that her princess had achieved her goal and she herself titled the video: “Alaïa moved me to tears.” As they told their followers about their little girl’s latest achievement.

“My little girl capable of everything she sets her mind to, I love her soooo. I see it and it gives me so much emotion … We did not expect that to happen “, said the proud mother referring to Alaïa’s triumph obtained by her advances.

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