Adamari López announces that she goes on vacation wearing a minimal shirt and heats up Instagram

The conductor of Today, Adamari López, ad through their stories of Instagram who went on vacation and that he was setting out on a journey. But what most attracted attention was that in the same publication it stated that it was a “Family Trip”. It is not known if he means that he would travel with his brothers as Toni Costa would have assured the magazine “Siempre Mujer”, for which he was covered with his daughter Alaïa in the Father’s Day edition. All this without overlooking the minimum flannel that was wearing “Ada.”

Showing off her new figure, her flat stomach and her tremendous cleavage, Adamari Lopez finally take a few days to rest and enjoy as a family as you deserve. Remember that “Shorty” gets up every morning at 4 a.m. to be ready, made up and dressed in the Telemundo program. She herself announced that she was already taking some well-deserved vacation, while showing off her new figure with a minimal flannel and some beautiful star print jeans.

Just in the morning hours, the beautiful Adamari Lopez He showed himself very happy, dancing bachata and also showing off his breasts. Which means that the Puerto Rican has been preferring outfits with cleavage lately. Just days before Adamari will announce this holiday, Toni Costa would have traveled with their daughter to Spanish soil to visit his family.

From there, Toni has shown how well they are having and the walks that he and Alaïa have done. He has featured his million two hundred followers On Instagram apart from his family and what an excellent dancer his niece is because, like it or not, Toni Costa He has managed to win the affection of many and there are several of the fans who are aware of everything that the Spanish dancer does.

Even Toni said in the interview to “Siempre Mujer” that Adamari she would reach them in Spain and that she would go with her brothers. This unleashed rumors of reconciliation and especially even of the possibility that they would marry in the “Motherland.” But the truth is that none of that can be verified and, until the moment of closing this note, it was not yet known for sure destiny of the television presenter.

But considering how stuck it is Adamari Lopez to his daughter Alaïa, surely he travels to meet her offspring. The Puerto Rican was seen very excited and with a smile from ear to ear for go on vacation and take a break from so much work, from the times of confinement due to the pandemic and also from the controversy that revolves around their separation.

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