Adamari López and her problems with adversity

. Why is Adamari López persecuted by adversity?

Adamari López is going through a difficult moment in her life, after almost a decade in which things seemed to shine for her, after revealing that her relationship with Toni Costa, with whom she made her dream of being a mother come true, is over.

And while the 50-year-old Puerto Rican driver tries to recover and give a new direction to her life, an expert seer assured that everything seems to indicate that the destiny of the Puerto Rican is that she lives moments of intense adversity, which at the same time end up becoming the point to start new stages, when you have hit bottom.

And it is well known that the television presenter has had to overcome very difficult moments in her life, among which the cancer that attacked her, her separation with the singer Luis Fonsi, the death of her parents and now the break up stand out. with Toni Costa, something that the Uruguayan seer Laura Keoroglian mentions as a characteristic in the artist’s life.


Will Adamari López fall in love soon? This predicts coffee | todayDay | TelemundoOfficial video for todayDay. The presenter Adamari López read the coffee grounds with the expert Laura Keoroglian and although the coffee stain on her lip indicated that she is living a painful situation, very soon she will live “a new reign as a woman”; moreover, he predicted that a man could reach his … 2021-06-22T16: 09: 27Z

In a segment of the television program “Hoy Día”, the expert read Adamari’s cup of coffee and highlighted that she is a woman who falls into adversity before getting up with strong successes.


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“You have a victory, Adamari, over adversity. Like you have a way that things happen to you, that you have to go to an extreme so that later (you come out victorious). Perhaps you have a way of vibrating in which when everything is lost, or at the extreme, you suddenly appear like a tree full of fruits, “the seer told little Alaiia’s mother.


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After hearing the comments that the expert made about her life, the Puerto Rican seemed to agree with her description and said: “Oh, Laurita, but what things that touch me.”


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La Vidente added that the good thing in the life of the Puerto Rican is that after her difficult moments, things always shine.


Adamari López breaks down when talking about her father | A New Day | Official TelemundoVideo of Un Nuevo Día. With a lump in her throat, Adamari López recalled her childhood with her father and recognized the work that Toni Costa performs as Alaïa’s father. In addition, Stephanie Himonidis and Celinés Toribio spoke about the teachings of their parents. Download our App: YouTube: Website: Facebook:…2020-09-01T17:23:20Z

“(After adversity) it is a time of reign, in which new patterns of being a woman appear for you,” added the Uruguayan, who with total certainty said that Adamari’s coffee shows that this hard moment that she is currently going through is going to pass and glory will come again.


Adamari Lopéz talks about her separation with Tony Costa # adamarilopez # tonicosta2021-05-27T16: 10: 50Z

“In Adamari’s coffee there was a very strong lipstick stain and when the lipstick stain remains, it means that there is a painful situation, but above that lipstick stain there is a line that means triumph, that she She manages to overcome adversity and pain and that any situation that is difficult for her transforms it into something larger. She has a crown on, which means that it is a reign as a woman, a new woman in herself ”, concluded the seer.

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