Adamari López achieved it: from the hand of Oprah she reached her ideal weight

Adamari López.

Photo: Hoy Día / Courtesy

Adamari Lopez He did it: From the hand of Oprah Winfrey, from his trainers, and especially from his perseverance, he reached his ideal weight, the one with which he had dreamed of reaching his 50 years that he meets this Tuesday, May 18.

Ada became in the first Latina to be his ambassador for the program ‘WW, Weight Watchers’ of Orpah and knew that her responsibility was very great, not only with Winfrey, and with her motivational groups but with herself

The road was not easy, it accompanied the process of change of diet with two physical challenges:

Challenge first ‘Train 4 Live’ with his partner, Toni Costa and the coach of the stars, Yasmany. They were several months where he was surpassing his respiratory capacity and his strength.

Then began to train with Jocelyn Trochez, with whom he is until now. This physical trainer with her technique has formed the slim and healthy bodies of other celebrities, such as her partner Kany García.

Ada’s goal was to reach 50 years of age, which she will be celebrating on May 18, physically and mentally well. She wanted to meet her goal with Oprah, with the motivational groups that she has within the program, and with herself and she did it! … Although according to Adamari she wants to lose another 15 pounds.

This is how he shared it in ‘Hoy Día’ with his colleagues Chiquibaby, Arantxa Loizaga and Nacho Lozano. In the show they did a count of how was this year of struggle, perseverance, the occasional fall, which did not bring her down, but made her stronger and gave him more push to reach his goal.

“I had started the year with a transformation because I want to live, I want to live and be healthy … A great motivation for me has been the public that day by day has helped me with their good thoughts, sometimes with their comments that can be harsh but still motivate to move on. I think I will need about 15 pounds that I would like to try to lose, and continue to feed myself correctly, not only in what I eat, but also in the spirit, in my thoughts and in my word ”, shared Adamari with his show colleagues of the mornings of Telemundo.

What is your secret? She takes care of her diet, gave up the sodas, which was difficult for her, walks 45 minutes a day, trains with Jocelyn every day, plays tennis, and gets body treatments at Dermaclinic.

And so, accompanied by her daughter Alaïa, her partner Toni Costa, Adamari will receive the 50 just as she had dreamed of. and organized to be a fact. In short: Mission accomplished! Happy birthday Adamari.


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