Adamari boasts the “breasts” without any shame

In the middle of a hard parting Toni Costa, Adamari Lopez you are on your way to a fully healthy life and weight loss. The Puerto Rican appeared in “Today“With a very tight dress that detailed her new minimal waist and figure, but above all very removed from the pain she boasted her “breasts” without any kind of shame. There’s no doubt Adamari Lopez you are turning the page in many aspects of your life.

The week started full of beauty for “La Chaparrita” from Telemundo and also with many compliments and compliments from her fans: “Very beautiful, what a change for the better”, “Every day thinner and mommy”, “Ada goes on with that smile and now that you look beautiful, much more”, ” I want to look so beautiful what a great achievement ”,“What cleavage My God, marry me “and” Beauty lit up the day on the screen “, gave part of the tender messages that the host received in the account of Instagram of the show.

Last week the Puerto Rican surprised her loyal followers by confirm that he separated after 10 years from his daughter’s father, Toni Costa. Minutes before, the journalist Mandy Fridmann would have exclusively published the news. Since then, rumors about it have not stopped emerging, but in the statement he published on his social networks he made it very clear that they would be the only statements he would issue in that regard.

Toni, for his part, also published a statement but could not hold out and exploded against People en Español, who assured that this would not be the couple’s first separation and that at that time the dancer would have left home for a few months. He himself asked the magazine not to tell what he considers to be lies. Yesterday he published a story in which he asked the fans of both not to believe everything they say.

The truth is that Adamari López is not only facing a radical change in routine at home but also a very important physical one for her in which health is the main thing and she is achieving it.

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