The decision on whether NBA will resume or not after the indefinite break (started on March 12) caused by the global health crisis in the coronavirus It is getting closer. So much Adam Silver, the league commissioner, like the other leaders will have to give a resolution that is final in this regard.

As reported by Shams Charania, journalist and NBA insider at . and Stadium, Silver contacted some players in the league this past Friday to anticipate the entire current situation, and the consequences of a resumption of the course . For starters, he said the following:

– If the season resumes, let no one wait for fans in the halls where the matches will take place.

– 40% of total NBA revenue comes from fans of the North American competition.

– The decision on whether or not to end the season can be made even in June.

– Until a coronavirus vaccine is released, players will have to live with the virus and risk if the NBA resumes.

Additionally, the commissioner answered the question that all league supporters ask themselves: What will happen if a player tests positive again after the season has been resumed? Silver told the players that at that point the NBA would hope to have the ability to test players daily and not stop the competition, and the positives isolate them from the rest.