The NBA It is carrying out a genuine transparency and communication exercise during this coronavirus crisis. Adam Silver He appears almost daily to communicate the news that is taking place within the league, with important negotiations held on various aspects. Among all of them, one stands out: When will we know if the competition is over or not and, if so, how will it be done? Well, the top honcho of the NBA has already made it clear that that will not be known before May 1 and it will depend on how the pandemic passes during the month of April to make an official statement that day or postpone it even further.

“We must accept that we are not in a position to make any decision at the moment or in the short term. Everything changes rapidly, the disease is attacking with violence in our country now and that is why I wanted to reassure everyone, making it clear that we do not contemplate the possibility of taking decisions before May 1. This does not mean that we stop working. Day by day we hold meetings with sponsors, teams and players to establish the different scenarios that we can tackle, but it is too early to be able to make a forecast of when it will be possible to return to the fields, “said a Silver who was cautious and with aplomb .

And is that the capacity of coronavirus to make everything change in a few days seems incompatible with firmness in decisions. “In less than a month everything has changed a lot, it has nothing to do with the current situation we had when we stopped the league. We thought it would be a matter of a few weeks because we did not understand the scope of this pandemic. Right now I do not have no idea when to compete again because the virus is advancing very quickly. In a perfect world, we would return in the spring and we could finish the regular season and playoffs, but we don’t know anything, “he argued, confirming that the possibility of ending is on the table in a single venue.

04/03/2020 12:04

In a Sports Illustrated article it is assumed that the only option to end the season is in a single venue a few games away.

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“Yes, we have considered this option and in fact we spoke with several cities to find out its availability. We know the importance of sport in American society, we all miss them greatly, but it is time to prioritize safety and health” declared a Adam Silver that he has an important ballot in the coming weeks and that with this declaration he intends to save time and calm the waters in the face of his negotiations and prospecting in different scenarios.