NBA Commissioner Adam Silver admitted Monday that concerns, he has a group of players As for the plans to return to compete starting next July 30, they will be heard and discussed in the coming weeks.

06/16/2020 at 08:24


Your position so far it has been to listen and you have no doubt that the matter will be resolved in the coming weeks, Silver declared during an interview with the television network ESPN, in the special program « Return to Sports ».

Silver also admitted that « understood » that the players feel the concern of reaching a situation for them, as for the league itself, completely new and different from normal, such as playing games in the « bubble » they hope to mount near Orlando (Florida), at the Disney World Resort.

Added racial problem

In addition to having joined the great problem of the racial crisis that has arisen across the country after the death of the black man George Floyd, while in Minneapolis police custody.

« It is clear that it is not an ideal situation, » Silver admitted, appreciating the challenges facing the NBA. on his return to competition. « We are trying of finding a way to our own normalcy in the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of a recession or worse with 40 million unemployed, and now with enormous social unrest in the country. « 

Silver recalled that both the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent death of Floyd, they had become two completely unexpected factors that had completely changed things of daily life in the country.

Understanding spirit

« I am incredibly understanding and I try to analyze everything that is happening, hence, we also try to look for the opportunity to restart the league and achieve that in the end we have a champion, although I understand and assume that it is not the most important thing for many people, « said Silver.

A coalition of players, including Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving and Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Avery Bradley examine and appraise the NBA’s plan to restart the competition, and they are not convinced that it is the best thing at the moment with the increasing preoccupation of some players to return home.

Lakers center Dwight Howard also expressed concern about taking the spotlight off the social injustice blacks face in the United States when the regular season begins.

There will be talks

Silver said it may there is no « uniform view » among the players who will return with the 22 teams iInvolved in the restart tentatively scheduled for the end of July.

The NBA will continue to speak and work with the union to find the best solutions when it comes time to resume the season, keep teams healthy and keep the social justice movement at the forefront of the league and its players.

Silver believes that the NBA, as he has often promoted, It will continue to be a platform for players to fight for racial equality. The NBA continues to talk to players to discover more ways to try to create change and ideas.. The league wants to bring speakers to speak to the players in Orlando about the issues and how to improve situations in their communities.

Silver said that it will take « a huge sacrifice on behalf of all » the decision to return with all the challenges ahead, but at the same time convinced that they will try to achieve the sports, health security and social commitment goals that have been proposed as a league