Adam Sandler and Dwayne Johnson could make a movie together

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Without a doubt Adam Sandler and Dwayne Johnson are two blockbuster actors and they would surely make a hilarious movie together.

Two of the most popular stars in the world are Adam Sandler and Dwayne johnson, since all his films tend to be very blockbuster and if they go directly to streaming services they get many viewings. Now that they have both worked for NetflixIt wouldn’t be so weird if they wanted to make a movie together where there was equal parts action and fun.

It looks like Adam Sandler the one who is most interested in what to count on Dwayne johnson, as he is convinced that they would have great on-camera chemistry. He also wants it to be a leading role and not a simple cameo, as he usually does with some actors who have participated in wrestling, for example Steve Austin in Big boys 2 (2013).

Is the problem of agendas?

To maintain the status of big stars, the two actors work hard to release several films a year. Adam Sandler will lend its voice to Dracula in Hotel transylvania 4, but also wants to do the sequels of Happy gilmore, Billy madison and The water carrier, two new sports comedies, several children’s movies, a new installment of Night in the museum and a prequel to Rough diamonds, not to mention collaborations with drew Barrymore, Ben stiller and Millie Bobby Brown. While Dwayne johnson it is not far behind. Since it’s about to start rolling Black adam from Dc comics, will soon release Jungle cruise from Disney and Red Notice from Netflix. Without forgetting that he intends to do the San Andreas and Rampage, a new installment of Jumanji and the movies The King, Doc Savage and Big Trouble in Little China.

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